A Chat With Country Singer ED WAYNE
APRIL 08, 2020
Speaking with Ed Wayne about his latest release A Tribute To Don Williams. We go deeper into his music, mantra, latest release, and more!
When it comes to talking about music genres and their authenticity, it doesn’t get more country than Ed Wayne. Ed Wayne is from a small town in Southern Manitoba. If you don’t know where or what a Manitoba is, it’s right smack dab in the middle of the giant land mass north of the 49th parallel called Canada.

Ed Wayne started out playing way back when he was 12 years old. He received his first guitar for Christmas and hasn’t stopped pickin’ since. His voice stands out in the best of ways. When you’re listening to someone who is playing country music, it happens all-too-often where you get the same tone of voice over the same chords, but with Ed it’s a whole different story. The backing track hits all the right notes, while his voice shapes the song and makes your ears say, “hey this is great!” Country music gets into a nasty habit of becoming stale at times. Between the new radio stuff sounding like it came from an LA reject house of bad beats, to the “traditionalists” talking down to everyone without the self realization that they’re living in a by-gone-era playing songs that were once considered “not country” by some other group of purists before them, this genre sure has a problem with self-love at time. All things said, you don’t get that with Ed Wayne. You get that sound you want, but it’s brand new, and there’s no time for semantics because the music feels that good. It’s refreshing!

Ed Wayne just put out a brand new release which had me very excited: an entire album of Don Williams tunes titled A Tribute To Don Williams. Ed has been releasing great original music, with the occasional cover tune, over the years. As far as I’m concerned he’s more than earned the right to fire off an endeavour such as this. I can say that seeing him put together an album of tunes from one of his influences piqued my interest. You don’t see people do that, that often. When I have seen it in the past, it just felt like those artists were doing it to emulate an artist or grab some attention from their potential fan-base, whereas when I hear Ed’s renditions I know it’s because he genuinely loves, lives, and breathes this music. I’m guilty of not hearing the whole album as of yet, but what I have heard I’ve really enjoyed. You can bet there will be a review coming up for Wild Roots very soon!

I am lucky enough to have known Ed for a few years and I’ve seen the incredible things he’s been doing with his music. I asked him if he had ever had a favourite concert or show he performed at, and I just loved the answer, “Now that is a difficult one to answer. I would have to say that I don’t really think that way… every show I do is my favourite show. It’s kind of like saying what is the best song you’ve written. Or who is your favourite child. Usually it’s the one you just wrote…. for a while at least.” I get that. I get it in a way that makes me hopeful. What I take away from that is: Ed is always working towards the next big thing for his career, and it shows. Every time he puts out a new release, or pops up on a podcast, he’s got some great stuff to say and there’s always something on the horizon that he’s excited to experience. It’s a great way to think and I appreciate that.

We talked a little about modern-country, and I asked him, “In this turbulent time of country music and its rapidly diversifying sound, what do you think we should be keeping in mind to hold on to from the traditional stuff?” His answer was fantastic and the damn truth: “Hang on to the simplicity!!” He went on to say, “and there is so much agenda in today’s music… and not just country. It should be unique and not watered down. It should be drenched with the sweat and verbiage of the people.” Hell right brother, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Write music for the sake of music. Tell your stories. Have something to say.

If you pop on to www.edwaynemusic.com and check out his tour schedule anytime close to when this article was posted, you’ll see that all the April dates are cancelled. It is a crazy time for our industry right now. This health crisis has us all on lock down in some ways, and I didn’t want to focus on that, but go buy this album and throw some dollars his way.

I asked Ed what the plan was for when things get back to normal. His answer was great. I’m not even going to knit-pick it. He told me, “I’m doing some serious soul searching with regards to my songs. I’m a pretty introspective person, so that means many of my alone times are spent praying, writing songs and thinking about what it is that I can bring to this world. Even though I’m a pretty simple man, there are many aspects to who I am, and I’m constantly wanting to be the best I can be. I’m thinking of doing some travelling into some areas of the US and Canada that I’ve never been. I’m wanting to get a better understanding of the music in some of these places. Maybe I can catch some vision of what people need with regards to songs and my music.”

Ed Wayne. This album is great, I can't wait to finish it. Your catalogue is great. I hope everyone reading this pops onto your website and grabs a copy. I hope they all go follow you on streaming too. It takes very little time at all and I know it helps a lot.

Keep on pickin’ great music buddy. I can’t wait to see what you cook up for us next. Check out Ed Wayne on Instagram and Facebook. He also has a great video series that goes by Ed’ Garage. Definitely worth watching folks.

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