Interview with IAN KROCHAK
NOVEMBER 18, 2020
IAN KROCHAK is a small town man with a big heart and a bigger sound.
The cold crisp air engulfs your vehicle as the last remnants of heat-pockets visibly escape the freezing prairie wasteland like tea-kettles buried an inch under the mixture of dry grass and scattered clumps of snow. This dystopian imagery extends around you in every direction to where the sky seemingly never-ends. Manitoba is a beautiful place, but for seven-to-nine months a year it is pretty-much what was just described. An environment like this can drive a person mad and make the weakest of humans run for warmer climates, but for a small portion of the world’s population: this is home. Home means a lot of different things. Depending on who you’re speaking to, it’s where you were born, where you’ve found yourself, and maybe it’s even that-which follows you everywhere you seem to end up.

Ian Krochak is a small town guy. Growing up on the edge of Manitoba’s land-locked island of Winnipeg in a small-attached-hamlet called Transcona, Ian was living in a small town from the get-go. With time he ventured further out into the winter-wastelands to a town called Niverville, but in truth he was still living those small-town-blues with big-star-dreams.Ian Krochak is a solid dude. His music seemly blends adult-contemporary-rock and country without trying to be anything more than his own sound. It’s rockin’, but not so-much-so that you’re looking for something to turn to immediately after. His two current singles: Drive Stead and Running Away, both bring forth notes of escaping where-one-is-at, yet still loving every minute of where you are if that makes sense. Both tunes have different themes that share similarities in a sense that they could be packaged and sold as a set. I really dig the vibe that’s coming together, like if Seger met The Boss met Drive By Truckers and they all shared a milkshake, then the backwash of that milkshake was left in a dark warm place where it grew into a mould farm, but no one realized that burger stop was built on a toxic-waste-dump, so the milkshake backwash grew into an amazing toxic-avenger styled hero, and that hero is the sound that Ian Krochak puts out. The music is definitely a draw to Ian Krochak, but let’s dig a little deeper into who he is and what his plans for the future are…

Ian’s last two releases are in-fact not his debut, and he does have a 2009 release which has gone out-of-print. When asked about his recordings Ian Told Us, “When I first started recording my music, I acted as writer, producer, engineer, mixer and musician. Jack of all trades, master of none.. ha!! Because I'm fairly savvy with technology, I would immerse myself in the fine details, kind of drowning out the creative process. I decided to let the artistic side win and sought out a producer in Calgary named Danny Patton. Unbeknownst to me, I learned that he was a Juno and Western Canada Music Award producer and had recorded the likes of Jann Arden, Rage Against the Machine, and Ian Tyson. he was also an extremely talented musician as well, which I really learned alot from. This EP was entitled, My Many Faces, and was released in 2009. When I resumed the recording process again in the fall of 2019, I reached out to Len Milne of Bedside Recording Studios. Len is an accomplished musician and a very well known producer in the Winnipeg music scene. He is extremely creative and has a Jedi-Master level of patience.” With 3 songs in the bag and 4 more on the way from an award-winning studio and producer Len Milne, Ian Krochak’s coming-record is sure to be an exciting look into where he is now as an artist and a person, but it is my own selfish hope that when the time is right he decides to reissue My Many Faces. I love seeing who an artist was, where they came from, and who they have changed into with time and experience, but I also respect that it isn’t always time for us to enjoy their works. Regardless of the past, the future looks blisteringly-bright.

“The music I play means a great deal to me. I try to approach my music like I approach life, with honesty and integrity.” says Ian. He continues with, “I’m drawn to music and melodies that move me... if they inspire me, then the hope is that it will also inspire others. At the end of the day, music is supposed to be an outlet..both for me and the people who take the time to listen to it.” I love how he put it, and I agree. Getting lost into the lore of genres has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, but it has also led me to overlook certain projects. As I’ve grown as a music listener I’ve found that artists like Ian Krochak have an amazing ability to help me remember that music is about release.

Despite the industry taking a bath right now, Ian has found ways to keep performing in his own rite and style which is him and a guitar. He has been featured on many online showcases, and is going to be starting his own titled The Prairie Town Basement Sessions. “During these sessions, I will be performing solo acoustic songs that have inspired me over the years. This will be both covers and original music. Hope to start this series on November 1st and weekly thereafter.“

With the release of his EP Drive Steady slated for 2021 and the online performances in the books I think Ian is following the straght-and-narrow to a beautiful career as an artist. “I do consider myself to be a veteran musician however, due to the fact that I did step away from performing in the local music scene, I think many people would consider me an emerging artist. Call me whatever you want... I just dig writing, recording, and performing music.” How ‘bout just “musician” Ian, because you are one heck of a musician and neither time, nor other people in the industry can define you. You define yourself, and we love what you’re creating.

That’s it for today! We’re happy to be back on track and excited to come back next week with more content for all of our readers! Don’t let people tell you how to be, remember: Stay Wild!

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