SORE WINNER by Poets & Lies
NOVEMBER 2, 2020
Sore Winner by Poets & Lies is a warm-organic mini-journey into music.
Sore Winner by Poets & Lies is a wonderful little album that rides that fine line between LP & EP at roughly 19 minutes of playtime, and it is an album we here at Wild Roots Magazine recommend you go check out.

The first thing I noticed is the overtly warm and organic production. It jumps out at you like a sore tooth at first, but once your ears remember how to listen to music it sets in nice like a warm southern breeze on your face. To be honest, It’s hard for me to decide if it’s almost natural-to-a-fault as it could have been hashed out a little more before selecting the final takes, or if it’s done just perfect in many layers of meta that I’m just starting to get it as I listen to it over and over again for this review… No matter how I feel about that, this album makes me feel good, and that’s the point of music. Let’s talk about the songs!

The album kicks off with Eggs & Whiskey. It hits you like a good old-fashioned torn-down yet modern-bluegrass tune paying homage to great standards you love. I do have to say, I don’t expect everyone to care, but leaving that 4th phrase out of the verse pisses me off. I feel like there’s a line missing in every verse, but then it gets to the hook and I forgive them every damn time. Poets & Lies sure does like messing with my heart, and their playful nature is well encapsulated on this recording. Once Eggs & Whiskey rolls by, as do my irrational emotions regarding it, Rebound Fling comes on next and just cuts a listener deep. I really love this song, and the next few if I’m speaking plainly. The way the songwriters in this band mix the blatant truth we’ve all learned in a playful-welcoming manner tug my heart strings. Crowing Turtles is the kind of tune I would drink clear-liqour and smoke tailor-made cigarettes to. It’s just the right tempo to be both rockin’ and wobbly. Next comes Angel Fly. It’s a really sweet tune. The beautiful lyrics and delivery, plus the way you hear that compression on the electric guitar of the opening note… it’s great… all I’m left thinking is, “damn I love this tune.” The next two songs are Cypress River Airport and Sore Winner. Both provide a perfect wrap up to this great little album.

If you’re jumping into this album face-first expecting polished modern glory, you will be disappointed, but if you’re looking for some really music that sounds incredibly like the live experience this act delivers: Sore Winner by Poets & Lies is a great album to turn on, light a joint to, start a fire out back, and turn off your head for a short-while.

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